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Irregular Periods

number of women suffer from irregular periods. The periods could begin either earlier or later than the expected approximate date. The bleeding could be scanty or profuse with clots, with possible pain in the abdomen, or back and vomiting in around the time of the periods.

NORMAL causes of irregular menstruation

  • Pregnancy
  • Breast feeding mother.
  • Menopause i.e. when women attain age of 45-50 yrs.
  • Initial few months after attaining menarche i.e. when girls mature –periods are usually irregular.

Unusual causes of irregular menstruation-

Uterine fibroids – when there is a mass in the uterus then menstruation may begin early and discharge may also be increased.
Ovarian CYSTs – may lead to delayed menstruation and facial hair growth . Polycystic Ovarian Disorder can be detected by an ultrasound.
Frequent use of hormonal pills.
Improper diet or malnutrition.

MEDICAL evaluation should be done if menstruation is delayed by more than 60-90 days.

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