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How Homoeopathic medicines are made?

Every true Homoeopathic medicine is made with One Substance, whether Plant, Mineral, Metal, etc & the exact substance is known.

Is Homoeopathic medicine act slow?

No, time taken according to the depth of the disease.

Are there any diet restrictions while taking these medicines?

It is myth regarding restriction in diet like onion, garlic, perfume, paan and tobacco. These medicines have been used on patients who are habituated to coffee and betel, IT ALWAYS ACTS. But with certain medicines when given, such restrictions are must. Otherwise the action may be nullified. Asking not to use paan, or cigarette are on the other hand are safe and healthy restrictions.


Is it a fact that Homoeopathic medicines have no side effects?

It is a fact that Homoeopathic medicines have no side effects. The Homoeopathic remedy is chosen because it matches as closely as possible with the totality of symptoms of the patient 

Are Homoeopathic medicines safe for children?

Yes, they can be given safely to even to the youngest infant.


Can animals be treated with Homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy is as effective for animals as it is for humans.


How Homoeopathic Medicines are selected?

Homoeopathic Medicines are chosen on the basis of Patient’s Mental, Emotional & Physical Constitutional type. Medicine is chosen that suits the type of a person, as well as their symptoms. Every patient is unique, so Homoeopathic medicines are Individualized.


How Homoeopathic Practitioners treats?

Homoeopathic practitioners endeavor to search for & treat the CAUSE of the disease in order to heal the EFFECT.


What is the life of homoeopathic medicine ?

Homoeopathic remedies have no expiry date. It can be preserved for years, if well kept away from moisture and strong smelling substances.

What is the patient's role?
  • Patient should be observant about the changes taking place in their system and should communicate with the Physician openly.
  • Substances to avoid- It is wise to avoid any substances, asked by the Physician, that might interfere with your remedy. Certain substances have been found to reverse the effects of homeopathic remedies and medicines.
  • The Follow-Up Visit - Generally, the homeopath will schedule follow-up visits approximately four to six weeks after the first interview and remedy prescription.The follow-up visits are used to determine what additional methods or remedies are required.


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