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• Take the medicine with a clean mouth.

•While taking the pills, use the bottle cap to take the pills or take directly from the bottle. Don’t touch the medicine with your hands.

• Let the pills melt in your mouth by keeping it under the tongue.

• Before and after taking the medicine, maintain 10 minutes gap.

• You should maintain about 10 minutes gap between each of the remedies, if you are asked to take 2/3 medicines at the same time.

• Please maintain a long gap ( at least 30 minutes ) before taking your medicine, if you had something that leaves a lingering taste in your mouth ( like onion, coffee, mint, etc )

• You should not take the medicine with water.

• You can even take the medicine on an empty stomach.

• The medicine you are taking may seem dry after sometime, don’t worry, it’s normal. Medicinal effect will still be there.

• If you are taking medicine of any other system too (allopathic, ayurvedic, etc), please maintain a longer gap between medicines of both the systems.

• Plan for your next course of treatment about a week before your remedies are over so that the courier would reach you on time.

• Remember your registration number always, for further correspondence.
Other than these if you need more clarification, you can contact us for further assistance.


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